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5 Must-Know Insider Facts: Collagen Edition (Learning These Tips Will Change Your Skin for Life!)

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

If beautiful skin throughout your lifetime is important to you, find the right collagen supplement and stay on it! Ingesting collagen does replenish your body’s collagen levels. Read below for critical skincare facts!

1) Collagen Supplements Do Work:

The results are in! In earlier years there was no consistent evidence that collagen supplementation created improvements in the skin’s collagen levels, but now nearly all recent studies conclude that collagen supplementation does work.

One double-blind, peer reviewed study had a group of women (ages 30-55) take collagen supplements (10g serving) for 90 days and the second group took the placebo. The first group had an average skin collagen increase of 9%, measured by microscopic images of the dermis, as well as improvements in wrinkle depth, skin elasticity, and skin hydration, measured by the VISIA Skin Analysis Scanner.

There are countless studies like this, and they all conclude that collagen supplementation has beneficial effects on skin health. Recently, there have been little to no inconsistencies in these findings.

*Quick List of Collagen Facts

  • collagen is a protein found in your body and skin, responsible for giving it structure. Decreasing collagen levels result in sagging, loose skin, fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of skin elasticity.

  • 90% of the collagen found in your skin is Type 1 Collagen, this is the collagen that gives your skin structure.

  • Type 2 Collagen is found between your bones & joints.

  • Types 3, 5, and 7 are created in response to skin wounding, and mimic the functions of type 1. This is the collagen we are creating with professional youthful skin treatments like microneedling and Morpheus8.

  • Collagen must be “hydrolyzed” to be absorbed by your body. This means it must be broken down into small particles called “peptides”.

2) Marine Collagen is Best: When it comes to marine vs animal protein, marine is best. It has been found that the low molecular weight of marine collagen (which comes from fish scales) is more easily absorbed by your body, and that it has a lesser chance of causing internal inflammation.

Animal collagen is controversial because it is linked to deforestation, animals being slaughtered primarily for their collagen, and young animals being favored for their collagen because of its effective solubility.

3) Vegan Collagen is a Scam: There is no such thing as vegan collagen. It does not exist. If you read the label of your vegan collagen product it will use words like “collagen booster” or “collagen enhancer”. These products typically include Vitamin C and amino acids, which indirectly can promote collagen synthesis. A blend of these ingredients with real collagen peptides would be the ultimate “young skin cocktail”. There are tremendous benefits of Vitamin C supplementation for your skin which includes providing environmental protections against harmful radicals and oxidation.

4) When You Stop, It Drops: Once you stop taking your collagen supplements that fantastic boost of collagen begins to decline. This means taking collagen supplements is a committed decision that must fit within your skincare budget long-term. Studies have shown that age does matter in the rate of decline. One study concluded that the drop was almost instant in subjects ages 30-50, but the ones ages 50 and above maintained increased collagen levels longer.

5) The Form Doesn’t Matter: Different forms of collagen supplementation which includes liquid, powder, gel, and capsule have different rates of product delivery, however the result is proven to be the same. This means, get the hydrolyzed marine collagen in the form you love, follow the directions on the packaging, and rest-assured it is working!


I appreciate you taking the time to read this article, written in the hopes of providing skincare information that will improve your skin for life! Replenishing collagen as we age is essential in both restoring youth and preventative skincare.

Yours Truly, Kaye

Instagram: @kayestarlight


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