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AHA vs. BHA – What Is The Difference? 

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

There has been lots of buzz about AHA and BHA in the skincare world, but many are unaware of their benefits, which acid is best suited for them, and when they should incorporate them into their routine!

Read below to understand all things AHA & BHA, and why you NEED to start utilizing these miracle chemicals to bring your skin game to the next level!

How Are They Similar?

Overall, the purpose of both acids is to provide exfoliation to your skin. Although neither acid is “better” than the other, both are highly effective means of exfoliation that differ in their uses!

Each acid works to:

·      Decrease appearance of large pores and surface wrinkles

·      Decrease inflammation

·      Even out your skin tone and texture concerns

·      Remove dead skin cells

·      Unclog pores to prevent acne


Sounds great, right? Now let's get into the differences within each acid!

AHA's are primarily used for:

• Hyperpigmentation including discolouration from age spots, melasma, and scars

• Large pores

• Premature signs of aging including fine lines and surface wrinkles

• Uneven skin tone and discolouration concerns

Where Can I Find AHA?

AHA is the star ingredient in the following Starlight Skin products:

Exfoliating Jelly: a gentle, yet powerful exfoliator that eliminates dead skin cells, refines pores, and awakens your complexion! Perfect to target pore congestion and topical discoloration.


Liquid Glow Toner: Illuminate, even-out, and clear your complexion with this concentrated exfoliating essence that promotes healthy cell turnover to make skin bright, even, and smooth.

BHA's are primarily used for:

·      Preventing future breakouts and combating existing acne bacteria

·      Treating sun damage.

·      Calm sensitive or inflamed skin

·      Improve texture concerns


Where Can I Find BHA?


BHA is the star ingredient in the following Starlight Skin products:

Clearing Cleanser: Balance breakouts and congestion while deeply and gently lifting impurities within the skin.

Clearing Complex Serum: Induce cell renewal and clearer-looking skin! A Starlight favourite to soothe sensitivities that often accompany congestion!

While both AHA's and BHA's share similar (& FANTASTIC) benefits, they work differently in accordance with your skin concerns! However, each can be successful in achieving different skin care goals.

DM us to receive a FREE skin consultation, where our Glow Experts can determine which acid is best suited for you!

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