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Dry Skin Season- 5 Things For Hydrated Skin This Fall -Hydration Skin Treatments in Vaughan

Cold weather can be harsh on your skin, causing it to lose moisture, look dull and have a rough texture. Did we mention those pesky signs of sun damage from the summer season starting to peek through as your tan fades?

Fear not! Starlight Med Spa, Vaughan’s top skincare clinic, has you covered.

Rediscover your skin's radiant, supple glow with our specialized treatments and skincare advice! Say goodbye to brown spots, dehydration/dry skin, and fine lines and say hello to your refreshed, vibrant look!

Follow these 5 things for HEALTHIER skin this fall 1. Exfoliate - Using an AHA or BHA exfoliant in your at-home regimen to buff away dead skin cells to keep your skin silky, healthy and smooth. Professional deep exfoliation facials, such as our Signature Starlight Glow, which is customized to your skin concerns, or Chemical Peel Resurfacing Treatments at Starlight Med Spa will help ensure your skin stays healthy and hydrated for extended periods of time, leaving you with a GLOWING skin. See a wide array of hydration skin treatments in Vaughan here:

2. Water Drench - Replenish hydration in the skin with a quenching serum. Serums are the TREATMENT product in your skincare routine that are able to penetrate deep within the skin and TREAT it. Using non-pore clogging serums packed with Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium PCA, Aloe Vera and Squalane will ensure your skin is drenched with WATER and soothing ingredients.

Hailey Bieber Showing Hydrated Skin- Skincare Clinic Near Me
Hydrated Skin- Best Skincare Clinic Vaughan

3. Moisturize - Applying a non-pore clogging hydrating moisturizer to your skin morning and night everyday can reduce the chance of developing extreme dryness or oiliness. When the skin is dried out, chronic inflammation occurs which can lead to a breakdown of collagen therefore accelerating the aging process. You MUST ensure the moisture level in your skin remains constant throughout the entire day. Using a moisturizer also acts a a barrier between your skin and your surrounding environment, protecting your skin. Look for PURIFIED AQUA as the first ingredient in your moisturizer and ensure your products are FREE of pore clogging ingredients. Paired with the perfect moisturizer is a moisturizing facial at Starlight Med Spa. One of the best treatment to hydrate and nourish the skin is a Hydrafacial.

4. Lock it in - OPTIMAL levels of hydration in the skin can be achieved by applying products on damp skin. When the skin is damp, its hydrated therefore easier for products such as a serum or moisturizer to penetrate and lock in moisture. Use a non-pore clogging oil such as 100% Argan Oil to create a seal and make your hydration last.

5. Protect - Ensure you are using a mineral based SPF (minimum SPF 40) to protect your skin against UV damage and free radical exposure. Repeated sun exposure with little to no protection can cause damage to your elastin, collagen and skin cells. Over time, this can lead to premature signs of aging including discoloration, wrinkles, fine lines, and a leathery appearance. Sun damage can be treated with in spa treatments such as The Perfect Derma Peel, Photo-rejuvenation, IPL and Microneedling.

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Best Facials In Vaughan: Beautiful skincare results

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