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Everything you need to know about a HYDRAFACIAL!

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Why a Hydrafacial is EXACTLY what your skin needs!


Indulge In Our Rejuvenating, Deep Cleansing Facial That is Universal For ANY Skin Type!

Cleanse, Plump & Hydrate Your Complexion! 

Yes- THIS is what is locked beneath your pores! Totally satisfying (and SUPER GROSS)


Ever wonder what the hype around Starlight's signature Hydrafacial was? Do you wish your skin looked like a glazed donut at all times? Do you feel as though your pores need a deep cleaning? Don't you desire a more seamless, filter-like makeup application?

Say HELLO to a celebrity-favourite treatment, Hydrafacial!

This facial is EVERYONE'S dream come true!

What Is A Hydrafacial?

A Hydrafacial is a 6 in 1 vortex cleansing treatment that peels, vortex extracts, boosts, infuses, and protects the skin.

RESULT: GLOWING skin with ZERO downtime.

This treatment uses vortex suction to eliminate dirt, debris, bacteria, and dead skin cells that are locked within your pores. Super gentle, yet effective for ANY skin type.

Acne-prone? Say bye to unwanted blackheads!

Dull, tired-looking skin? Kiss your deep-surfaced congestion goodbye! Dehydrated complexion? Let this treatment blast your skin with superbly-hydrating peptide complexes!

Relax, and get glowing with our Glow Getter favourite, Hydrafacial!

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