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Hailey Bieber's Facialist Shares her Secrets for Glazed Donut Skin (Spoiler: They're Starlight Approved)

Updated: Apr 3

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Hailey Bieber via Instagram

Hailey Bieber's coveted glazed donut skin is the result of high-quality skincare, gentle treatments, and a healthy dose of self-care. Her aesthetician, Emma Goodman (aka the Skin Witch) shares her simple tips for how to obtain Mrs. Bieber's coveted fresh and dewy skin that we seriously can't get enough of. From tools to how to get the most out of your skincare, we unpack it all.

Ease Up on the Exfoliation

"Your microbiome is your own unique beneficial bacteria, so when you over-exfoliate or exfoliate aggressively, you’re stripping that barrier layer until it starts to weaken, and your skin becomes red, sensitized and dry. It also causes more aging in the long term because you don’t have that protective layer of the skin barrier, which helps to rid the body of any kind of outside element,” says Goodman." As a result, Goodman advises gentle exfoliation to ensure your skin does not become sensitized. Use non-comedogenic fruit-acid enzymes, which are very gentle, and opt for microdermabrasion once a month.

Reconsider Your Retinol Routine and Incorporate Retinal

“A lot of people also use retinol, which – if too strong a dose – further contributes to stripping the barrier, resulting in thinner skin and sensitivity,” says Goodman. When using retinol, it is important to begin on the lowest dose to avoid skin sensitivity. Kaye recommends starting on Trentnoin 0.01% once a week to reduce your chances of irritation. “Retinaldehyde (or simply retinal), on the other hand, supports all the things that vitamin A does, like fading scarring, building collagen and reducing pore size.” Goodman recommends a retinal like Bakuchiol as an alternative to Retinol for those that are sensitive, or are taking a break from retinol (i.e. during pregnancy.)

Practice Gua Sha

“[Gua sha] is a great way to actively massage your face at home, and help move toxins and drain fluid,” says Goodman. “I do it at night before bed, after my skincare routine – just keep a gua sha tool by the side of your bed and practice it for 10 to 15 minutes if you have the time; even a five-minute treatment makes a difference," Goodman says. Curious how to use gua sha effectively? Check out Kaye's tips for at-home use in between Starlight GLOW facials. "A lot of my clients will take their gua sha with them when they’re traveling, because you get a lot of fluid build-up while flying or travelling, and this helps to drain it all out.”

When using a gua sha tool, it is essential to apply moisturizer and an oil before use. Doing so will prevent unnecessary harshness and tugging on the skin, which can cause premature wrinkles and damage. Opt for a vitamin E rich oil, such as Argan Glow, to ensure your gua sha glides smoothly over the contours of your face.

Add Rosewater to your Facial Routine

Hailey Bieber has long praised face oils for helping her achieve the glazed-donut skin look she's known for, but the key is prepping skin first. “When you apply a face oil, you want to make sure you’re using rosewater or some kind of hydrating toner beforehand, because your skin won’t absorb the oil properly if you don’t wet it first,” says Goodman.

Before going in with moisturizer and facial oil, prep your skin with hydrating rose water. Starlight's non-comedogenic Rose Water Glow Spray is the perfect elixir to lock in hydration by creating a lipid barrier on the skin. This ensures that moisture will remain as you apply hydrating creams and oils on top.

Using the Right Products Shows

For consistent results, you need to invest in high-quality, medical grade products that actually make a difference in your skin. With over-saturated marketing and trends that influence users to buy the next best thing, it's important to pay attention to the ingredients these products contain and the benefits for your skin. Goodman recommends incorporating stem cells, peptides, and vitamin c for DNA repair into your skincare regime to get an A-list-worthy dewy glow. 

The people featured in this story are not associated with Starlight Med Spa or Starlight Skin and do not endorse it or the products shown. Based on an interview with Net-a-Porter.

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