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How to keep your skin protected this SUMMER.

It’s a well-known fact that the sun is the #1 extrinsic aging factor.  What a double-edged sword: the same thing that feels like heaven touching your skin… results in premature wrinkles, brown spots, and dehydration.

So how can we enjoy the sun this summer, while being safe and smart about it?




1)     ACTUALLY apply and reapply your SPF.

Yes, even with sunscreen, you will get the glowing, bronzed tan you desire. Even with sunscreen- you will feel the beautiful warmth! Even with sunscreen, the feel-good hormones will be emitted. It is too dramatic and unreasonable to say “avoid the sun like the plague”, so the least you can do in exchange for enjoying the sun is keep your protection on.

2)     Repair the damage.

Restore the nutrients, minerals, and moisture your skin loses from sun exposure by feeding it with healthy ingredients. The extra time taken to lather your sun-kissed skin in a luxurious mask, moisturizers, and oils must be taken. (non-comedogenic ones- of course!)



1)     GLOW SPRAY- throughout the day! Revitalize your skin with the cool and refreshing liquid moisturizer mist. Full of amino acids and hyaluronic acids, Glow Sprays replenish nutrient loss as it happens.

2)     MOISTURE RITUAL RADIANCE MASK- after a sunny day in paradise. Actiwhite lightens sun pigmentation, Syn-Coll promotes collagen growth, niacinamide reduces inflammation and redness, arbutin repairs damage, and hyaluronic acid replenishes moisture. You owe this to your skin!

3)     ARGAN GLOW: Seal in your moisturizer with this natural Vitamin E carrying fatty acid, and oil. Moisturizer first, then this! You will notice how soft and glowing your skin is from head to toe when you wrap it in ARGAN GLOW.


Take advantage of our Glow Spray promo- enjoy 25% off until JUNE 30th! Use code MIST25 at checkout.



Say hello to glowing, protected skin without damage!

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