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Skin Advice: Exfoliate Right

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Let's get real about EXFOLIATION. Firstly, every skin expert from LA to New York, to Seoul, to Paris agrees with this skin advice: exfoliation is essential for healthy, radiant skin at any age (13 years old and above). Before this, when we’re really young our skin perfectly exfoliates itself! This means, even if you have sensitive skin, exfoliation has to be part of your skincare routine, otherwise expect any or many of the following:

  • breakouts

  • congestion

  • rough texture

  • dullness

  • blocked ingredients from your skincare

  • & every other bad thing a skin could experience 😉

So what types of exfoliants exist and which are best?

AHAS: alpha hydroxy acids break up the bonds between dead skin cells so they are able to slough off and not cause a clog in the pore. The most common are glycolic acid and lactic acid. BHA: salicylic acid is oil soluble, so is the only exfoliant that can work within the oily pore itself. This is why anyone with clogged pores and oily skin needs to incorporate it. ENZYMES: enzymes naturally occurring in fruits can gently eat away at the bonds holding dead skin cells together. This for of exfoliation tends to be very mild. RETINOIDS: retinoids tell our skin cells to act new again, and recover and exfoliate like they once did when we were really young. The best is tretinoin gel. Start VERY slow, and VERY low to ease into this product. Please personally reach out to me via e-mail or DM on Instagram if you need help adjusting to the product. PHYSICAL: This includes scrubs, brushes, mitts, and any physical product that is designed to polish the outermost layer.

So here is some skin advice:

  • You still must exfoliate in the hot weather

  • You should use multiple forms of exfoliation

  • You should listen to what your skin is saying to you, to figure out the frequency you use each exfoliant (record your findings in my free skin journal)

GOOD NEWS: LIQUID GLOW, Starlight’s best-selling glycolic acid toner will be back in stock. Prefer a physical exfoliant? EXFOLIATING JELLY is a 3-in-1: physical scrub, AHA lactic acid, and fruit enzymes. Use it on dry skin for the deepest exfoliation, or wet skin for sensitized skin. I would love to know how your skin plans are going and offer you free skin advice. Contact us at +1 (905) 532-0032 or email to discover our anti-aging treatments in Vaughan. If you are seeking a top-notch Vaughan-based skin clinic, please don't hesitate to contact us through direct message on Instagram @kayestarlight or via email at XOXO Kaye


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