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Morpheus8 is the Best Skincare Treatment

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

As Vaughan's top skincare and medi spa, Starlight, must have the best skincare technologies available! Knowing that the Morpheus8 treatment took Tik Tok by storm, and was responsible for jaw-dropping "before and after" photos were the leading factors that brought it on to Starlight's facial menu.

So what is this super treatment?

The deepest form of “microneedling” combined with radio frequency skin tightening. It is as if Starlight’s microneedling and Viva technology had a “super baby” and named it Morpheus.

* Did you know that Morpheus8 needles go up to 4mm into the skin, while the most you can do with microneedling on a face is 2mm?

What will Morpheus8 do for you?

-give your skin new collagen and elastin fibers

-shrink fat cells beneath the chin and jaw

So, what do these results look like?

-fewer fine lines/wrinkles

-a contoured jawline

-improved acne scars

-improved c-section scars

-improved stretch marks

-a softer, more youthful appearance

-a tighter more youthful neck

Clients always fear the pain of a transformational treatment like Morpheus8, but despite the discomfort the results keep them coming back and committed! "Great skin requires commitment, not a miracle".

So where on the body can Morpheus be done?

Morpheus8 tightens the face and neck like no other, however it is used to improve c-section scars and stretch marks wherever they may be. Tightening the skin on the belly is done with Morpheus8 as well!

Want to know how Morpheus8 can improve your look and confidence?

Consultations at Starlight Med Spa are FREE! E-mail us, phone us, or direct message us on social media to book yours today!

*Starlight client, Melanie, feeling beautiful and confident in her skin, post-Morpheus8.


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