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Skincare for Kids

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Skincare serves two purposes: to protect and add health to the largest organ of the body and secondly, to improve one’s appearance. Our skin is one of the first thing others see and because of this, how our skin looks is often intertwined with our self-esteem and confidence. As a professional esthetician and a mother, my perspective on kids and skincare regimens is very straightforward. It is all about protecting the skin, nourishing it, building good hygiene habits, and installing positive beliefs in the child. If seeds of esteem are planted early, perhaps our little loves will have an easier time in adolescence and adulthood loving their skin and themselves.

1) Skincare routine for kids: A child needs no more than a 3 step daily face routine. Washing their face 2x daily, applying moisturizer, and sunscreen is more than sufficient. Sunscreen should be mineral based (this excludes some of the yucky chemicals in non-mineral sunscreen), and reapplied every 2 hours with direct sun exposure. Since kids already have perfect cell turnover rates and no excess oils that begin in puberty, “non-comedogenic” isn’t as vital for them (Although Starlight’s Illuminating Gel Cleanser, StarLIGHT Moisturizer, and Argan Glow are great for them, I understand you may not want to share your products). I recommend looking for healthy products that are budget-friendly (still no ingredients rating high on the comedogenic scale such as coconut oil or cocoa butter).

If the nighttime regimen is met with kicking, screaming, and rejection then that’s fine. Try again the following night. It is all about cementing the habits and making them aware of the benefits (if skin is cleansed and always hydrated, it has a healthier lipid barrier, decreasing common kid skin issues like eczema fand dermatitis). Washing your face should be as routine as brushing your teeth.

If your child does get bumps on the skin that are bothering them (not you) esthetically, adding a gentle exfoliant until the skin is smooth again could be an option.

2) Praise and positivity is essential at the beginning of your child’s skincare story. Saying things such as “acne runs in our family, I hope you don’t get Mommy’s bad skin” will imprint a negative and limiting belief in the kid. Instead let them know that they have beautiful skin, as this will prevent them from feeling doomed before they even reach puberty. Perception is reality. They must believe they are beautiful to radiate the confidence that goes with it.

Eczema, rashes, bumps, and dark marks left behind from all 3 are very likely and normal for kids to experience at some point. When this happens, try your best to react with a calm voice and attitude and find the best solution to heal the issue. Never let them feel these things are terrible for them to be experiencing, and that their skin is not as good because of them.

When your child does reach adolescence, it is just as important to take the “drama” out of the tone, if acne begins to bud. They are still beautiful, and they still must know this. Now would be the time to introduce a thorough, non-comedogenic at-home skincare regimen. I will be here at this point, to help and guide you!

xoxo Kaye



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