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Starlight Wedding Skin Prep 101: Acne Edition

the best facials in toronto and vaughan
Brooklyn and Nicola Peltz-Beckham, via Instagram

Preparing for your wedding (or any other major event,) calls for a well-thought-out facial treatment plan and lifestyle guidelines to elicit the desired results. Here, Kaye shares her fool-proof plan for acne-prone brides that will take you from one year out to the morning of the big day. Get your pre-wedding skin prep just right and learn Kaye's number one tip for brides.

One year-six months before the wedding

It's never too early to get your skin prepped for the big day, particularly if you want to target a specific skin issue, such as acne. One year out is the time to start transformative and invasive treatments to ensure your skin has time to heal and benefit from these services.

A holistic approach to wedding skin prep

In addition to an individualized treatment plan, Starlight Glow Masters support our brides by looking at the big picture. 

Affirmations: change your mindset, change your skin. By practicing positive skin affirmations, you challenge negative thoughts about your skin that can induce stress and skin concerns. Instead of, "My skin is horrible," practice, "I am doing the right things to clear my skin." Visualize your dream skin and rid yourself of limiting beliefs. 

Anti-inflammatory diet: good skin starts within. Adopting an anti-inflammatory diet will give your skin the nourishment it needs to reduce your risk of future acne. Eating low-glycemic foods and complex carbohydrates may help, such as whole grains, legumes, and unprocessed fruits and vegetables. Starlight 

Cleaning beauty tools: if you're reading this, it's time to clean your beauty tools. Make it a habit to regularly cleanse your makeup brushes, sponges, and other applicators. Learn more by reading our full guide on removing acne-causing bacteria from your beauty tools here.

Use the right products: the right skincare products will change your skin and life. Leading up to your wedding, it's crucial to take a close look at the ingredient lists of your favourite products and ensure they do not contain acne-causing (aka comedogenic) ingredients. Starlight Skin is our exclusive line of medical-grade skincare products that are non-comedogenic. 

"My wedding was the first time in my life my skin was clear from acne. I was obsessed with being my best and was super strict on an anti-inflammatory diet, drank water, ate well, and increased exfoliation for my oily, acne-prone skin. I used clay masks and visualized myself with clear skin." -Kaye

the best facials in toronto and vaughan
Kaye was inspired by the timeless, elegant looks of Valentino Tom Ford, and Berta. She wore a Pronovias dress with a sleek updo in the Miami heat.

Acne-prone brides one year-six months before the wedding

For brides looking to clear acne-prone skin, the first step is to stop active acne. To do so, Starlight takes a holistic approach to identify the root cause(s), develop a treatment plan, and implement diet and lifestyle changes. 

Before beginning treatments for your wedding day, we conduct a full skin analysis to assess the current state of your skin, discuss your goals, and review the products you're currently using. From there, we'll work to develop a treatment plan fully customized to your skin concerns and goals.

Treatments acne-prone brides should consider one year-six months months before the wedding

Chemical peels: to smooth and refine skin texture.

Deep cleansing and extraction facials: to eradicate harmful bacteria and address active acne.

Blue light treatments: are antimicrobial, making them a great treatment for those with active acne. Blue light is also known to lessen inflammation and redness associated with breakouts.

ALEX/YAG Laser: specifically the acne, inflammation, and induced redness settings to target active acne spots and scarring.

Acne-prone brides six months before the wedding

Once the active acne is under control, it's time to clear the skin of scarring, hyperpigmentation, and other spots. Six months from the wedding is the time to begin more invasive treatments to ensure your skin is the perfect canvas for your wedding day.

Treatments acne-prone brides should consider six months before the wedding

Morpheus8: the ultimate treatment to eradicate scarring from acne. Trusted by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Bella Thorne, and Lindsay Lohan who call it a total, "game changer."

Microneedling: to stimulate collagen production to improve skin texture and tone. 

ALEX/YAG Laser: if at this point there is still visible or new scarring, laser treatments will help to remove any remaining imperfections on the skin. FYI, you can undergo an ALEX/YAG laser in the same session as microneedling for a maximized skin smoothing treatment.

Blue Light Therapy: continue with blue light therapy to keep acne-causing bacteria at bay. 

the best facials in toronto and vaughan
Rita Ora in Tom Ford

Acne-prone brides three months to one month before the wedding

Three months to one month before the wedding, we recommend completing any invasive treatments, like Morpheus8, to allow your skin to heal. It is crucial to adhere to a strict facial and skincare routine to keep acne at bay, and we recommend monthly facials to check in with your Glow Master during crunch time.

Treatments acne-prone brides should consider three months to one month before the wedding

Deep cleansing facials: cleanse the deepest layers of your skin and incorporate anti-bacterial treatments to keep acne at bay. 

Blue Light Therapy: continue with high-frequency blue light therapy to keep acne-causing bacteria under control. Acne-prone brides should strongly consider investing in an at-home light therapy device, such as Omnilux, to continue with blue light therapy between in-spa treatments.

Chemical peels: reveal a new, clear layer of skin and remove the buildup of dead skin cells. You'll be amazed at what is underneath. 

A note on managing stress before your wedding

Three months to one month before the wedding is a stressful time for all brides. As such, it's important to manage your stress as best as possible to ensure no visible effects on your skin. When stressed, the body creates male hormones that can cause additional oil production and you guessed it, acne. 

Acne-prone brides two weeks before the wedding

This is the stage where you should focus on maintaining your skin's glow! If you haven't already, adopt a strict at-home skincare routine and undergo gentle facials to ensure active acne does not develop. Avoid any products you have not tried before and focus on anti-inflammatory and nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid. 

Kaye's tips for acne-prone brides two weeks out from the wedding:

  • Drink lots of water

  • Monitor your alcohol intake

  • Stick to a strict skincare routine

  • Don't use new products

  • Eat high-vibrational foods

  • Get adequate rest

  • Stay physically active

  • Manage stress as much as possible

the best facials in toronto and vaughan
Nicola Peltz Beckham in Valentino

The night before

Avoid any harsh exfoliants, such as scrubs or chemical exfoliants. They're great for smoothing your complexion but can cause flaking and redness the next day. Instead, Kaye recommends the following:

Kaye's tips for acne-prone brides the night before the wedding:

  • Focus on hydration and calming masks

  • Remove exfoliants

  • Emphasize calmness (spend time alone as much as possible!)

  • Incorporate Gua Sha and create a private ritual where you are alone and visualize yourself as perfect and well. Read our Gua Sha guide here

  • Ice rollers to calm redness and inflammation 

  • Book a massage 

  • Nighttime tea (if you regularly use Melatonin for sleep, this is a great time to take it!)

  • No new products

Kaye's biggest wedding regret

"If I could go back and do anything differently, I would have had my alone time the night before the wedding," says Kaye. "Instead, I went out with family and had some drinks, which left me restless. I only had four hours of sleep and was really stressed about not sleeping." 

the best facials in toronto and vaughan
Kaye getting ready on the day of her wedding

The day of the wedding

This is when facial massage is key to de-puff and sculpt the contours of your face. Grab your favourite facial tool (read our full Gua Sha guide here) and release stress-related tension in your face, especially around your jawline. Next, Kaye swears by using Starlight Skin's Moisture Ritual Radiance Mask as a pre-event treatment to brighten and moisturize the skin before continuing with your skincare routine.

Kaye's product recommendations for the day of the wedding:

  • Starlight Skin Bright Eyes eye cream

  • Starlight Skin Eternal Glow Youth Serum

  • Starlight Skin Glow Spray for extra hydration. Pro tip: pack it in your makeup bag and use it as a makeup setting spray/ refresher throughout the day to keep your skin looking perfect.

  • Starlight Skin Glow Gloss for hydrated lips

  • Starlight Skin Argan Glow for glowing skin. Pro tip: apply to the neck and chest. It won't make your skin look greasy but will nourish it with vitamin E and fatty acids to plump up your lipid barrier for a hydrated glow.

  • Armani Luminous Silk Foundation is Kaye's number one non-comedogenic foundation pick that wears and photographs beautifully.

What is Kaye's best advice for brides leading up to the wedding day?

"We see a lot of brides in preparation for their wedding days, and I always tell them this: embrace this happy time," says Kaye. "This is one of the moments in life where everyone you love is together that is a happy moment, others are sad moments, such as funerals, so this is your time to have everyone you love in one room. It is likely one of the last moments before you have children that it is all about you, so enjoy that. Get rid of the stress and embrace gratitude - don't worry about the centrepieces, this is your happy moment."

Stay updated for Kaye's wedding skin prep for anti-aging and dry skin brides coming soon.

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