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What is Argan Glow & Why is it a MUST in your skincare regimen?

Warmer weather is here- which means our skin is exposed to harmful UV rays that can be dehydrating to our moisture barrier.

While we typically indulge in hydration on our face, we oftentimes forget about the parts of our body that need a little extra TLC. Here’s how Argan Glow will keep your ENTIRE body silky smooth and luscious.


Designed as an additional seal to our moisturizing routine, Argan Glow is formulated with 100% pure Argan Oil- a non-comedogenic elixir to optimize hydration and luminosity. Argan Glow works hard to lock in moisturizer and strengthen moisturizer’s barrier function while allowing your most radiant glow to shine.


How To:

As a leave-in hair treatment:

Is your hair dehydrated and in desperate need of a pick-me-up? Apply 2-3 drops of Argan Glow the roots of the hair and leave in for at least 30 minutes. Disperse the remaining oil thoroughly to your ends & tie your hair to lock in the moisture. Rinse with cool water to seal the smoothness!


Cuticle Oil:

Say bye to dry, flaky cuticles! Argan Glow has just the right amount of hydration to ensure your nails look moisturized, without leaving a greasy residue on your fingers. Apply morning and night for optimal results.


Body Oil:

This beauty elixir is not just for your face! After shaving, apply a generous amount of Argan Glow all over your body to reveal your softest skin, without feeling sticky afterward!



Apply 1-2 drops of Argan Glow before your highlight step in your makeup routine for an extra pop of radiance!


This summer is all about radiating from every inch of our bodies! Invest in this luscious, multipurpose oil for an extra WOW factor this summer! Your body will thank you later!

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