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Why Laser Makes You Breakout- Before it Makes your Breakouts Stop!


Dermaplaning has been rising in popularity as a quick, easy fix to make skin immediately smoother and brighter. This superficial form of peach fuzz removal poses many side effects that remain unknown to the vast majority of people. Dermaplaning essential is a very close shave of the face. Here's the breakdown of all things acne, hair growth & how to properly remove it!

Acne happens in hair follicles! The hair follicle is the actual "pore". When it gets clogged with excess oils, bacteria can multiply within the oil, equaling breakouts.

The hair within the follicle is one more thing that can reduce the free space in the pore, contributing to a blockage when excess oils are also present. Therefore, when we are acne-prone, this excessive hair growth can be a contributing factor to future breakouts and congestion. This is why it's smart to get rid of this hair once and for all.

Shaving our facial hair is needed to begin laser sessions and throughout the laser process. When we shave, we are put at a higher risk of ingrown, irritations, and increase oil production. However, once our hair growth begins to get sporadic, and eventually stops- so will our breakouts caused by the hair!

So glow getters... yes! The laser does temporarily create breakouts... however in the long run, when we no longer have this hair growth due to continued laser sessions... we will no longer have clogged hair follicles as well!

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