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You Need to Know THIS About Exfoliation!

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Exfoliation is a skincare step that can never be missed. Without it you will never:

-turnover dead skin cells (you will always be dull).

-have perfect ingredient absorption (the ingredients will always sit on the surface, yielding NO RESULTS).

-clear up acne (pimples mean your pores are blocked, action must be taken to clear these obstructions).

It is commonly thought that exfoliation is aggressive, “too much” for sensitive skin, and something that you should only do once in awhile. These concepts are simply not true.

The art of exfoliation is all about understanding the when, where, why, what, and how. Let us share our professional knowledge with you:

WHEN: as frequently as your skin allows. Daily exfoliation will ensure:

-dead skin cells never pile up in the first place.

-cell turnover is sped up, keeping the skin youthful (this process gets slower and slower as we age.)

-skin is never rough, and pores are never blocked. Product absorption will also be at its best.

*Skin tip: If you are over exfoliating your skin will TELL you. It will get red, sensitive, and angry. Listen to it, and ease off your exfoliation routine until your skin is ready for more. Lessening percentages of active ingredients is always an alternative option as well.

WHERE: Exfoliate the face, neck, and chest, AND remember your entire body too. Yes, it sounds like a lot but “good skin requires commitment, not a miracle”.

Exfoliate with stronger exfoliant products on the body, and all over the face if you have thick skin. Strong exfoliants could mean a boar bristle brush, a gritty scrub, high percentage alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), and retinoids.

Use these same products with lighter pressure, extra water, and buffer product, or in smaller percentile strength if it’s a chemical exfoliant on thinner or more sensitive areas of the face and neck.

WHY: we cannot say it enough, “EXFOLIATION IS NON-NEGOTIABLE.” It is for every skin type and every skin age. Your skin will not look good without it, and if you were born with naturally clear and even skin it looked good in your youth because your body was naturally sloughing off the dead skin cells itself.

-If you think exfoliation makes your skin worse from experience it is because you were using the wrong ones, using it the wrong way, or going through a necessary purge.

WHAT: chemical exfoliants: include alpha hydroxy acids, enzymes, retinoids. Great for speeding up the natural skin renewal process from triggering the bottom layers of skin.

BHA: salicylic acid: this acid exfoliates within the pore itself, where acne grime is breeding. It is great for keratosis pilaris (chicken skin) on the body as well.

Mechanical exfoliation: includes exfoliation brushes and gritty scrubs. These slough off dead skin cells from the surface. If you have rough skin when you touch it, you NEED exfoliation.

HOW: Use a combination of chemical and mechanical exfoliation because all skin needs both types to look its best. Remember: for your surface to shine you need the dead skin cells off. This job is for mechanical exfoliation.

-For your skin to stay youthful and get rid of acne and dark marks faster, the cell turnover process must be faster. This is the job of chemical exfoliation.

-If you have clogged pores in anyway, you should be using BHA salicylic acid along with both types of exfoliations.

Need a customized exfoliation plan designed by a Starlight Skin coach? Get in touch.


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