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EVOLVE X, created by the maker's of Morpheus8, is at STARLIGHT VAUGHAN for a limited time only! Secure this deal fast and step into your ultimate self with Starlight. Find out why Starlight is the best place for body contouring in Vaughan (and Toronto March 1 ðŸ˜€).


Join Starlight's 6 Week New Year's Body Challenge and see: ðŸŽŠ


  • a decrease in unwanted body fat
  • an increase in muscle tone
  • tighter skin 
  • enhanced skin quality
  • a more streamlined silhouette


What is EVOLVE X?


EVOLVE X is non-invasive, hands-free body contouring. It combines radio frequency energy (the exact energy needed for fat cell shrinkage and collagen production) and muscle stimulation (approximatley 20, 000 contractions per 30 minute session) to deliver body contouring results in 3-6 sessions for all people with a BMI of 35 or below. 


What will happen at my EVOLVE X session?


You will be consulted by a Starlight Glow Master, who will fill you in on how the device works and will analyze your goals. The electrodes will then be attached to your body as your lay down. The machine will be turned on, and gradually increased to the desired level for the results you want. In 45 minutes you are out the door, and confident that you're on the path towards a better body.


Does EVOLVE X hurt? 


The sensations you feel during your EVOLVE X session will not be painful, but you will feel your mucles at work. The energy can be increased or decreased to keep you comfortable, and even with decreased energy you still get results. 


How many sessions do I need?


3-6 sessions is recommended and this challenge is designed for 6 weeks! Session frequency is recommended for 1x weekly.


What can I expect post session?


Expect to feel muscle soreness in the area treated as if you went to the gym and had a great workout. This muscles soreness is a temporary thing and is well-worth the results. You will also feel "tighter" in the area treated.


How can the sessions be customized? 


Sessions can be customized by turning down the RF heat if you do not desire fat loss in an area. Situations involving this include:


  • You are naturally skinny but still want to increase muscle tone.
  • You like the fat on your body but still want to increase muscle tone (hello beautiful butts). ðŸ‘


How many areas can I treat in my session?


Each session includes 1 area (stomach, thighs, butt, or arms), but another area can be added for a greatly discounted price. 


How can I join the challenge and accelerate myself towards my best 2024 body? ðŸ‘™


Purchase the discounted pacakge online or in-spa. Offer applies to the 1st 20 clients only, as the machine is here for a limited time and there will be limited space.


Challenege must start no later than the 2nd week of January, otherwise you must finish your sessions at STARLIGHT TORONTO. ðŸ‘™




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