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Find out why Starlight Med Spa is the best medical spa in Vaughan and Toronto for skin tightening treatments! This treatment inlcudes Forma on both FACE + NECK.


What is Forma?


Forma is non-invasive skin tightening and facial remodelling, done with pain-free and no-downtime technology. Forma uses radio frequency thermal energy to create new collagen and elastin proteins, making skin tighter and younger-looking.


Forma is perfect for improving:


  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • loose, sagging skin
  • double-chins and undefined jaw lines
  • puffy cheeks
  • crows feet
  • preventative aging


*Forma can help the results of Botox last longer and is a great alternative treatment for those wanting to go Botox and filler-free.


What does Forma feel like?


Forma is often compared to a "hot-stone massage" and is relaxing and enjoyable for most clients. Many clients fall asleep during their Forma treatment (and wake up younger).


When will you see the results from your Forma treatment?


There is an immediate lifting and tightening effect after your Forma sessions, which is why many clients schedule it right before a big event. True and lasting results are best seen after a series of 6 compound treatments, when collagen has had time to fully form. This treatment makes your skin create collagen once more, when it may have slowed or stopped altogether. 


How do I book a Forma treatment?


Book and manage your own appointments on the "book now" link on website or contact us to book the appointment for you. Please remember consulations are always FREE at Starlight.

FORMA - Face + Neck

C$350.00 Regular Price
C$245.00Sale Price
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