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Starlight Med Spa is the premiere destination for the best microneedling treatment in Vaughan and Toronto.


What is microneedling?


Microneedling is a popular skincare treatment where a a device creates many controlled micro-channels in the skin, prompting your body's natural healing response to make new collagen and new skin to fill in the holes. This creates a new, fresh layer of skin, speeds up skin cell-turnover, and increases your skin's collagen count.


Who is microneedling best for?


Microneedling is best for people with:


  • acne scarring
  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • enlarged pores
  • pigmentation
  • surgical scars
  • and more


How soon will you see the results of microneedling?


Many clients see beautiful microneedling results within the week following treatment, however more significant results are noticed 4 weeks after treatment. Some types of collagen induced with microneedling have not even finished synthesizing for 6. months-1 year post treatment, so a long-term effect will also be noticed. Microneedling is a favorite of so many because of the noticeable results and minimal downtime.


Why is Starlight the best place for microneedling?


Starlight Med Spa offers the best microneedling in Vaughan and Toronto because of its expertly trained medical estheticians with high client volume (practice makes perfect). At Starlight Med Spa we use SkinPen, the #1 microneedling device in the world, with thousands of clinical studies and protocols that give us exact settings to use for maximum results. 


This microneedling device has surgical steel needles that never get blunted, bend, or break unlike other devices from Amazon that basement skin providers have been known to use (we're heard the horror stories first hand). This ensures a safe treatment as well as an effective one. 


Lastly, with the best numbing creams available in the industry, microneedling at Starlight Med Spa is virtually painless. You are comfortable all treatment long, and laughing along with your esthi-bestie in conversation.


How many microneedling sessions should you do?


Like anything else, best results are seen with consistency. Starlight's Chrome pacakge includes 3 microneedling treatments. You can also mix-and-match with other treatments in this package including the Perfect Derma Peel, the Green Peel, Forma, and more for a customized skin transformation. Buying pacakges always lowers cost/treatment and keeps you on track to meet your skin goals. 


Can you treat many areas of the body with microneedling in one appointment?


Yes, we can treat face, neck, and other parts of the body all in one appointment. The price for multiple areas will be determined, but you can expect an additional charge of $50-$200 depending on the areas added.


What is the downtime like for microneedling?


The downtime for microneedling is usally quite minimal, with most clients returning to work and their social engagments the very next day. 

Immediatley after treatment the skin appears red, blotchy, and some pinpoint bleeding may be seen. The next day the redness has usally subsided and the pinpoint bleeding marks gone after cleansing. Your skin may feel rough to the touch and because of sped up cell turnover, mild flaking may be present. 

Within 1 week post treatment almost all clients are through the downtime phase and are beginning the see the improvements in the skin that microneedling creates.


Can you get microneedling if you are acne prone?


Yes, microneedling is one of the best ways to treat the scarring acne leaves behind. During your appointment all active breakouts will be avoided, in order to not spread bacteria and aggravate inflammation.


Your medical esthetician may recommend combination therapy of treatments to decrease acne before working on scar improvement if this is best suited for your skin.


Many acne prone clients choose to book a blue-light LED therapy session the week following their microneedling treatment to ensure bacteria is supressed and new breakouts don't surface.


How can you book a microneedling appointment?


Book and manage your own appointments on the "book now" link on website or contact us to book the appointment for you. Please remember consulations are always FREE at Starlight


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