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Green Peel

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Find out why Starlight is the best medical spa near me for chemical peels.


Reveal the  healthier, brighter, more even, and less congested skin that is hiding beneath the surface! This all natural herbal peeling is done with 100% natural ingredients and is safe everywhere on the body. This treatment is perfect for acne, scarring, pigmentation, fine lines, and dull skin.


Why the Green Peel?


The Green Peel improves the skin's appearance and health by removing dead skin cells and stimulating new cell growth. It can be customized in intensity depending on your unique needs and can also be done anywhere on the body. It is a favorite for many because it is all natural and non-chemical for those this is important to.


How intense is the peeling?


The Green Peel is considered a "medium depth peel" and can result in snake-like peeling that last 3 days-1 week. Peeling usually begins day 2-3 after peel application. 


When will you see results?


Clients do transformative treatments like the Green Peel because of there fast results. As soon as the peeling is finished your newer, fresher, layer of skin is revealed. How would your skin look if several dead skin layers from the top were removed? 


How can you book this peel or a consultation to see if this is best for you?



Book and manage your own appointments on the "book now" link on website or contact us to book the appointment for you. Please remember consulations are always FREE at Starlight.  

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