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Laser Hair Removal - Small Areas

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Find out why Starlight Med Spa is the premiere destination for laser hair removal in Vaughan and Toronto!


Why laser at Starlight?


At Starlight Med Spa the laser machine is the best technology available in the industry. It is an alexandrite/ND yag laser. This dual laser is able to work on all skin colours (Fitzpatrick types 1-6), while keeping dark tones safe and comfortable.


No sticky gel is used like with other machines in the past. This laser is comfortable and convinient.


This precision laser works on any pigmented hair no matter how thin the hair is. This makes it one of the only lasers that can pick up "baby hair" and fine facial hair.


During treatment a cool shot of cryogenic air is shot out, keeping the skin cool. This makes laser nearly pain-free, compared to other machines on the market. 


Alexandrite/Nd Yag laser is so effective that it makes most clients reach maximum hair reduction in the shortest period of time.


How long will my laser session be?


The machine at Starlight Med Spa works effectively and fast, making treatment times shorter and more convinient than in the past. For a small area expect to be in the laser room no more than 5 minutes.


How long in between sessions is recommended?


Laser appointments will be booked 6-8 weeks out for body areas and 4 weeks for face. For maintence sessions longer duration between treatments can be expected, to perfectly capture the active hair growth in the correct phase. 


How should you prepare for your laser session?


Before your laser session closely shave the area to be treated. The closer the shave, the better the results!


Discontinue any form of hair removal that removes the hair from the follicle (i.e. waxing and plucking) for a minimum of 6 weeks. 


Avoid retinoids and exfoliation in the area to be treated at least 5 days prior.


Avoid UV exposure at least 5 days before treatment.


Check any active medications for photosensitizing effects.


If you don't require all sessions in a package, can you use the remaining sessions on another area?


Yes! Unused sessions can be transfered to a new area of equal sizing.


Which body areas are defined as "small"?


Small areas include the following: chin, upper lip, in-between brows, sideburns, belly trail, knuckles, toes, hairline, partial neck and bikini line.


How can I book my appointment?


Book and manage your own appointments on the "book now" link on website or contact us to book the appointment for you. Please remember consulations are always FREE at Starlight. 

*Laser packages have an 18 month expiry per package of 6 from date of purchase.*

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