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Toss out old products

  • This is the time to clean out your makeup bags and organize your bathroom shelves.

  • Throw out products you haven’t used in awhile, or have expired.

Clean sponges and makeup brushes

  • Your cleanser can be a great solution to use to clean your brushes and sponges.

  • Toss out any tool that may look over-used or old (bacteria may be growing).


  • Exfoliation is what makes the skin smooth and bright, this is a great time to remove all that winter build up and shed that thick layer to create a light, soft complexion for spring!

  • Great exfoliation tips: before it gets to hot outside, this would be a great time for a deep exfoliating medical grade treatment.

  • Discuss with your esthetician to see whether chemical or mechanical exfoliation is best for you.

Add Vitamin C to your regimen

  • Not only is this a great ingredient to fight against free radicals, but it also brightens the complexion.

  • Vitamin C helps fight against allergens, this will reduce swelling and irritation to the skin caused by spring time allergies.

Change your products with the season

Your at home regiment should change with the seasons. WINTER: the cold air draws moisture from the skin, this is when we start to add moisture building ingredients. WINTER: The season where we can use photosensitive ingredients, such as retinols or lightening lotions! SPRING/SUMMER: During this season we start to add more skin protecting ingredients to fight against UV RAYS. SPRING/SUMMER: We can switch to lighter moisturizers.

*no tips for Fall season, just Spring/Summer and Winter, consider making some for Fall!

Contact your esthetician to build the perfect spring/summer regimen. DONT FORGET – SPF EVERYDAY all year round, even when inside!

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