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How To: 6 Facial Exercises to Sculpt, De-Puff, and Brighten Your Skin

Facial Exercises to Sculpt, De-Puff, and Brighten

It's time to hit the at-home gym...for your face.

Your skin is an essential part of your overall health and well-being. While there are several ways to achieve flawless skin, including a healthy diet and a non-comedogenic skincare routine, adding facial exercises to your regimen can benefit your skin's appearance. Facial exercises are like a workout for your face, targeting over 40 muscles to lift, brighten, and sculpt your skin. Here, we explore six results-oriented facial exercises loved by Starlight Glow Masters to help you achieve youthful and healthy-looking skin.

Starlight Tip ✨: Before performing the exercises below, be sure your skin is prepped appropriately. Always wash your hands before coming in contact with your face, and perform the exercises on clean, hydrated skin. We recommend applying your favourite StarLIGHT or StarLUX moisturizer followed by Argan Glow to reduce unnecessary roughness on your face which may cause premature signs of aging.

Six Facial Exercises to Sculpt, De-Puff, and Brighten Your Complexion

1. The Eyelid Pull-Up

The eyelid pull-up exercise is an excellent way to brighten and de-puff your under-eye area. Start by applying a layer of eye cream to the contour of the eye area, and proceed by bending your index finger and placing it along the bottom of your brow. Close your eyes and hold for a count, feeling a slight pull on your upper eyelid. Repeat this exercise ten times to release the tension around your eyes and see instant brightening and eye-opening results.

2. The Chin Press

The chin press exercise targets and releases the neck muscles, which can become strained from constantly looking down at electronic devices (hello, tech-neck.) Start by applying your favourite face cream, followed by an oil, to avoid unnecessary roughness. Sit upright and place a finger in the center of your chin. Press it back into your neck, holding for a few counts, releasing, and then repeating. Although the exercise may not be the most flattering, as it temporarily creates a double chin, it is a game-changer for relieving neck tension and creating a smoother neckline.

3. Face Knuckling

Face knuckling is a simple yet effective exercise while cleansing your face. Like Gua Sha, it is a lymphatic drainage technique to slim the facial profile. Start by applying your favourite face cream, followed by an oil. Make fists with your hands and work the knuckles in circles, moving upward and outward from the chin up and along the jawline. Continue to move towards the mouth corners, ears, and sides of the nose, and finish over the forehead in small yet vigorous circles. It is an excellent way to stimulate circulation, release tension, and achieve a glowing complexion.

4. Face and Brow Whipping

Face and brow whipping are dynamic exercises for lifting, de-puffing, and sculpting your skin. Start by applying your favourite face cream, followed by an oil. Place the fingers of your right hand over the center of your chin and mouth to hold the skin firmly in place. Then, use the index and middle fingers of your left hand to flick firmly upwards and outwards over the skin on your left cheek. Use the same motion to "whip" back and forth along the brow, flicking the two fingers upwards, working from the inner brow to the outer tip and back. Repeat the same motions over the right side. Clients of facial exercises always see an instant change with this exercise.

5. Jaw Sculpting

Jaw sculpting exercises firm the jawline and relieve tension in the area. Start by applying your favourite face cream followed by an oil, then bend the index fingers of both hands into hooks, allowing you to run the knuckle along your jawline while your thumbs run in the groove under your jawline. Repeatedly sweep your knuckles and thumbs outward towards your ears, starting from near the chin. You can also use a gua sha tool to get a similar effect along your jawline.

6. Cheek and Eye Sculpting

Cheek and eye sculpting exercises target the muscles under the cheekbone, lift the area, and sculpt the bone structure. Start by applying your favourite face cream followed by an oil, then bend your index fingers, using your knuckles to work under the cheekbone, starting at your nose and running under the bone up to your ears. Use your knuckles to work over the eye bone, sweeping out under the eyes to the temple. Repeat ten times for an instant lift and brightening effect.

Facial exercises can impact the appearance of your skin, resulting in a brighter, firmer, and youthful complexion. Incorporating facial exercises into your daily skincare routine can help you achieve a radiant appearance while relieving facial tension and stress. These six recommended facial exercises are easy and take only a few minutes, making them the perfect addition to your daily self-care routine. Start by incorporating one or two exercises and gradually increasing the repetitions to see results.

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