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Do you have bumps, acne, pigment, or discolouration on your back? 👀


Is it too much work to deeply exfoliate your skin the way it needs to be to GLOW? ✨


Your BACK needs this…. 👏 

Introducing Starlight’s Body Glow facials ✨ 

What is it? 🤔: A 45 minute custom treatment that includes DEEP exfoliation (body microdermabrasion, chemical peels, or a combo of both). (You’ll be SHOCKED at the dead skin that comes off of your back!) 😳

Bumps or pigment on your arms or elbows? We’ll target that too, in the same session!!! 🥰


NOW ONLY $222 (reg. $299) 

Back Body Glow

C$299.00 Regular Price
C$222.00Sale Price
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