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Voted #1 Med Spa 4 Years in a Row

Medical Estheticians & Cosmetic Nurse Injectors

5000+ Skin Transformations

2000+ 5-Star Reviews

Friendly Staff Who Will Treat

You Like Family

10X Winning Med Spa


The "comedogenic scale" (pore-clogging scale) and making sure all ingredients in a skincare product rate a 0 on this scale is what the Starlight Skin line is all about. 

Switching to non-comedogenic products could be the missing link in your skin transformation.

Starlight Skin products are:

1) Non-pore-clogging

2) Made of quality ingredients proven to work

3) Fragrance/dye/paraben free

All skin types, all ages, and conditions benefit from Starlight Skin.

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Hi, I'm Kaye!

At 12 years old I developed acne. It wasn't just a few pimples here & there. It was full blown, painful, inflamed acne that covered my entire face. It made me feel un-pretty, insecure, and shy. I would look in the mirror and avoid eye contact with myself, the same way I would avoid eye contact with others throughout the next decade, because I didn't want to accept myself. I had no GLOW, I dimmed my light and fell well beneath my life's potential.

At 23 a magical shift happened. I was recommended a self-help book, "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay. I embraced Louise's concept of self-love, changing limiting beliefs, and empowering instead of criticizing yourself. 

My new mindset manifested a string of events that lead to the creation of Starlight Med Spa. Starlight Med Spa was made from less than $10,000 and has flourished into a brand that has transformed the skin and lives of thousands +. 

As for my acne? It's gone, after trying everything under the sun, so I could relate, empathize, and guide others just like me toward clear skin and confidence. My acne journey had to happen. It led me to everything great in my life. 

Thank you for your interest in Starlight Med Spa and Starlight Skin products. It is our pleasure to be your guiding support towards your dream skin. With dream skin comes your dream life!

Step into your power and SHINE! Your time is now. 



Meet the team of Medical Estheticians & Cosmetic Injectors of the STARLIGHT TEAM.

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